What Oral Conditions Need Urgent Dental Care?

What Oral Conditions Need Urgent Dental Care?

December 1, 2021

Dental emergencies often occur at unexpected hours, emphasizing the need for having a reliable emergency dentist near you. A dental emergency can be defined as an oral condition associated with severe pain or discomfort, which is likely to worsen your health if treatment is not immediately administered. According to the American Dental Association, the state of our oral health greatly affects our general health. If unexpected severe oral injuries are not addressed correctly, a qualified dentist can result in health complications.

Types of Dental Emergency

Below is a list of the most common oral emergencies patients present with at our emergency dental office. Should you be suffering from any of them, visit an emergency dentist because, with such issues, time is of the essence. They are:

  1. Constant and severe tooth pain

Sudden onset of severe pain is always a bad sign. Constant pain indicates various dental conditions, including tooth cavities and dental root decay. Although some tooth pains can be managed without emergency care, signs of swelling require immediate attention. Experts discourage patients from turning to home remedies like herbal teas or OTC painkillers because some can burn your oral tissue if they come into contact with gum tissue.

  1. Broken/cracked teeth

Dental trauma, severe tooth decay, and taking a bite of something too hard are some of the causes of broken or cracked teeth. Sometimes, the crack can run deep into your tooth’s roots resulting in severe pain. If you happen to break or crack your teeth, seek emergency dental services as early as you can. Your dental practitioner will try to save the tooth and alleviate your pain.

  1. Losing a dental filling or tooth crown

Although dental fillings and crowns help restore teeth functionality, they tend to become loose over time due to continuous exposure to chewing forces and may fall out. If this happens, you will note a change in the tooth’s sensitivity as it will become sensitive to pressure and cold and hot temperatures. Failure to address this issue can cause an infection to that tooth that could spread to other dental structures.

A tooth crown will also fall out when the tooth beneath it decays severely. In addition, large cavities that form beneath the dental cap change the tooth’s shape, thus affecting how well the crown fits. Contact an emergency dentist if your filling or crown is lost. This will help avoid any further damage to your teeth.

  1. Knocked-out teeth

If you ever lose a permanent tooth, make sure you visit a dentist within the next one hour to have the best chances of saving it. When the damage sustained is severe and the tooth cannot be saved, dental implants are always a good option to consider.

  1. Broken orthodontics

Braces are strong and durable. Its metal brackets and wires enable them to withstand wear and tear brought about by talking, eating, and chewing. Despite this, they can sometimes stick out or break, poking your gums and cheeks. This will result in discomfort and possibly reverse your aligning process hence more reasons to see your dentist.

How to Respond to a Dental Emergency?

  • Severe tooth pain – If you have a severe toothache, get a cold compress, place it on the cheek’s outside, and call an emergency dental clinic near you.
  • Knocked-out teeth – Suppose your tooth gets knocked out of its socket; pick it up by its crown side and rinse the dirt off. While doing this, avoid scrubbing the tooth and refrain from removing any tissue fragments attached to it. Once you’re done, try to put it back in position and if it becomes impossible to reinsert it, place it in a cup of milk to preserve it, and go to a dental clinic.
  • Broken orthodontics – When a bracket or wire from braces sticks out, try to push it into a comfortable position. If you are unable to, use an orthodontic wax and a cotton ball to cover the exposed end. Avoid cutting the wire no matter how much they are a bother; this will prevent you from accidentally swallowing orthodontic pieces.

Why You Should Visit Spring Arbor Dental for Dental Emergency

Our dental clinic has experienced and qualified staff who offer quality care and are familiar with various dental emergency procedures. In addition, our emergency dentist offers same-day appointments to our patients who require urgent care; hence, you are assured we’ve got your back.