Tooth Extractions

You and your Jackson, MI dentist determine if you need a tooth removal. This course of action is always a last resort after we eliminate all other options. The goal is to preserve your dental health and overall health. Therefore, we offer extractions at Spring Arbor Dental for several reasons. Sometimes teeth are so severely decayed they can’t be saved. Other times periodontal disease has caused extensive irreparable damage. Also, tooth extraction helps treat poorly positioned (like an impacted wisdom tooth) or broken teeth or prepare for orthodontic care.

The extraction of just one tooth can lead to issues with mouth function such as shifting teeth, difficulty chewing, and jaw joint problems. Each of these conditions can impact your oral health.

To bypass these challenges, your dentist in Jackson, MI, may first discuss alternate remedies. If extraction is the best solution, we will also talk about tooth replacement.

The Tooth Removal Process

Before the procedure begins, the affected area (tooth, gums, and jawbone) is numbed with a local anesthetic.

You should expect to feel a lot of pressure during extraction in Jackson, MI. This result is due to the rocking motion that is necessary to expand the tooth socket. Since the nerves are numbed, you only feel pressure instead of pain. However, if you do experience any pain at all, please alert your dentist immediately.

Sectioning a Tooth for Easier Extraction

There are cases when a tooth must be sectioned to be removed entirely. Sectioning is done frequently when a tooth has a curved root or is anchored so firmly the socket can’t widen enough for removal. Your dentist cuts the tooth into separate pieces then removes each section one by one.

Regardless of how many teeth you need extracting, in most cases, the procedure can be performed in-house at Spring Arbor Dental. Every tooth removal we do involves local anesthesia. However, there are cases where additional sedation is included, such as laughing gas, intravenous sedation, or oral pre-medication.

Teeth Extraction in Jackson, MI

Feel free to contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at our Jackson, MI dental office. We are happy to answer all questions and to schedule an appointment.

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