Dental Sealants Protect Healthy Smiles

Back teeth have deep grooves that make them highly efficient at breaking down food. Unfortunately, these crevices are also great hiding places for harmful mouth bacteria. For that reason, Spring Arbor Dental is proud to offer protective dental sealants to our patients. Clear sealants provide a long-lasting barrier that helps prevent enamel erosion. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

What do Sealants in Jackson, MI Do?

Bacteria naturally occur within the oral cavity. The foods and beverages that we consume leave behind particles that settle in the deep pits. plaque-causing bacteria feast inside these hollows and thrive. When they eat leftover food debris, they produce acid, which causes enamel damage, decay, and cavities.

Plastic sealants are a durable coating that we paint over the grooves inside premolars and molars. Since it is hard to reach the back teeth with a toothbrush, it isn’t easy to clean them thoroughly. Therefore, the smooth sealant layer helps reduce tooth decay and cavities.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Your Jackson, MI dentist, applies sealants in just one quick and pain-free visit. The first step is to perform thorough teeth cleaning. All plaque, bacteria, tartar, and food particles are removed from the treatment areas. Next, an etching gel is placed on the back teeth. This prepares chewing surfaces to ensure strong bonds. Then, the affected teeth are rinsed clean and painted with the sealant. Lastly, the material is exposed to a curing light to harden the surface. When appropriately placed, tooth sealants provide long-lasting cavity protection that will helps safeguard your oral health.

Many Years of Cavity Protection

When youngsters get sealants early in life, they avoid all the cavities developed during childhood without extra protection. With proper oral hygiene practices and regular dentist visits, the barriers last for many years. Your dentist in Jackson, MI, will check the integrity of each sealant at every routine appointment. If necessary, the layers can be reapplied.

Preventive dentistry helps people bypass the damage caused by tooth decay. As a result, sealants save you money on reparative treatments.

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