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Implant restorations are one of the most amazing modern dental innovations today. They mimic the look, function, and feel of your original teeth. Now you can get back your beautiful, full smile with dental implants at Spring Arbor Dental. Each tooth is replaced permanently, anchored into the jawbone, for a more natural alternative to dentures or a dental bridge. Having enough strong jawbone and healthy gums is required for implantation. For that reason, you must have an evaluation, including a complete exam and review of your medical history. So, contact our Jackson, MI dental office today to learn more or book a tooth replacement consultation.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Multiple steps are involved in the process of placing implants. Tooth removal or bone grafting may be required to move forward. If necessary, we will discuss all concerns and determine if you are a candidate for implants during your consultation. Once approved, your Jackson, MI dentist will schedule your surgery.

During the procedure, your dentist will insert a titanium post directly into the jawbone. This step will repeat for each tooth replaced. Then the metal anchor is allowed to fuse with the bone, forming a stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth or teeth. Lastly, a dental crown, implant-supported bridge, or full denture is attached to the posts. In the end, you have a naturally-looking smile and improved mouth function.

Implant Dentist in Jackson, MI

At Spring Arbor Dental, we recognize that many of our patients are concerned about the cost of tooth implants. Please don’t let the expense stop you from replacing missing teeth. Your oral health depends on it. You can achieve a natural-looking and permanent solution to damaged, diseased, or lost teeth. Don’t wait to get back your youthful smile!

Our friendly dental team is happy to explain all the affordable financial options at Spring Arbor Dental. We work with you to find the best plan to fit your budget.

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