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Good oral hygiene practices, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits will safeguard your smile. Without diligent care, you leave your teeth at risk for developing cavities and disease. If you have an impaired tooth, please call Spring Arbor Dental as soon as possible.

Filling material is frequently used to restore an injured or decayed tooth. To place a filling, your dentists in Jackson, MI, first clean the treated tooth. This initial step includes removing all signs of decay. Then the area is sealed with a filling that prevents further damage and keeps mouth bacteria out. At Spring Arbor Dental, we offer multiple tooth fillings, including traditional amalgam, tooth-colored composite, porcelain, and gold.

Reliable Fillings in Jackson, MI

Silver fillings and tooth-colored fillings are the two types we use most at Spring Arbor Dental. Each material is long-lasting and durable, so you can ensure your filled tooth is effectively restored no matter what filling you choose. But your Jackson, MI dentists will help you determine the most suitable material based on the location and size of the cavity.

Amalgam Tooth Fillings

The oldest, most affordable, and most frequently used filling is a silver amalgam restoration—silver-colored filling material is easiest to apply. A mixture of silver, copper, tin, and mercury, these strong metals make amalgam the most durable choice. For that reason, traditional fillings are the preferred solution for fixing large cavities or damaged molars. The back teeth must withstand harsh chewing forces, and silver amalgam can handle the impact for many years. Typically, a silver filling will last about a decade.

Composite Resin Dental Fillings

White fillings are a popular dental material because it mimics the look of natural teeth. Tooth-colored fillings contain quartz or glass, which creates a translucent, natural-looking restoration. Not as durable as amalgam, the composite resin is best suited for small to medium-sized repairs, usually in the front of the mouth.

If more extensive treatment is required to end pain or eliminate tooth damage, your dentists in Jackson, MI, may suggest endodontic care, extraction, or a porcelain crown. Contact our Jackson, MI dental office today to learn more.

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