Dental Bonding

Are you looking for a simple, non-invasive, and affordable way to enhance your smile? Have you considered tooth bonding in Jackson, MI? Well, there is minimal preparation involved in the dental bonding process. Also, there is no need for anesthesia unless decay or old dental work is removed. So, this type of cosmetic dentistry is one of the most accessible aesthetic treatments that offer the most significant benefits.

The 30–60-minute procedure includes resurfacing the affected tooth surface. Then the composite material is placed. In one short visit, dental bonding will repair and restore appearance and function. Let us tell you more about how bonding can change your life! Call Spring Arbor Dental today. We are happy to answer all questions and schedule your appointment.

Dental Bonding Near Me

Bonding is a popular alternative to dental veneers. Your dentist in Jackson, MI bonds cracked, chipped, and misaligned teeth. We also use bonding to fill in a gapped smile. The composite material is also applied to repair oddly shaped teeth and to cover and protect exposed roots. A thin malleable layer gets placed on the top, front, or side of an impaired tooth. Here the tooth-colored material is sculpted to perfection.

Teeth Bonding in Jackson, MI

At Spring Arbor Dental, bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic dental treatments available. So why wait to restore the natural shape and appearance of your smile? Minor defects such as spaces, light stains, small fractures, or chips are easily repaired with tooth bonding in Jackson, MI. While porcelain veneers are a more durable restoration, you can still effectively enhance your smile with dental bonding.

The location of the bond partly determines the success of your procedure. If the composite is on the edge of a tooth, chances are it won’t withstand the biting and chewing forces. For that reason, many people choose to bond front teeth. The material can last about 4–8 years. However, longevity depends on the location of the treated tooth and the patient’s oral care habits.

Restorative vs. Cosmetic Dentistry

Since bonding can be restorative instead of cosmetic, some dental insurance providers will cover at least a portion of the cost. Call our Jackson, MI office so we can discuss your coverage.

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