Looking Back On Our Summer Jobs

Looking Back On Our Summer Jobs

June 3, 2021

WHETHER IT WAS DURING high school or college, whether the goal was to have spending money or to pay rent, most of us know the struggles and the joys of working a summer job, because we are feeling nostalgic as summer draws to a close, we’ve collected summer job stories from members of our team!

Worst Summer Job Ever

Sometimes we find ourselves in summer jobs where the only good thing about them is that they only lasted a summer. Do any of our family friends’ stories sound familiar?


I worked in a front desk job one summer, and in my third week, all our computers were stolen.


I worked at a drive-in shake place, and I made shake after shake after shake until I was a splattered mess of Oreo, raspberry, chocolate, and banana from head to toe every day by the close. This job cured me of any cravings for ice cream for a while. In the three weeks I worked there, it was enough for me to decide the fast food industry was not for me.

Check out this video from Jimmy Fallon to hear about some more bad summer jobs!

The Good Times

Just as there are bad summer jobs, there are also good ones. Maybe nothing particularly dramatic happened, but they still hold a fond place in our memories.


I worked at a music store. One of my best friends worked with me, and I remember us sitting on the counters, having deep life discussions, and not getting much work done.


I worked at a booth that sold Dave’s Killer Bread at various Costco locations, and even though it was just a couple of weekends that summer and we didn’t have much time to get to know each other, everyone on that team worked so well together. We were the supervisor’s only team to get the booth completely sold out, which was pretty cool.

Wacky Hijinks

Whether the summer job itself is good or bad, it’s the funny stories and the crazy moments that stand out the most.


I graded AP exams two summers in a row, and the first year, a crazy drunk guy chased two of my friends outside the convention center and me. The second-year was better because we got to see an outdoor Twelfth Night production.


I spent a summer as a cook at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory when I was 16. Standing over a boiling cauldron of fudge and caramel all day wasn’t the best way to escape the summer heat, but at least I got free chocolate!

Now, It’s Your Turn!

What was YOUR most memorable summer job? Please share your own experiences in the comments section below, or send us a message on our Facebook page!